The Endless Chorus! Mad Libs meets music trivia meets rhythm game :D
Lock into the beat and fill in the blanks as best you can in this tiny proof-of-concept thing!

As the incomplete lyrics from the chorus of Iron Maiden's Die With Your Boots On scroll across the screen, select the word from A-B-C-D which correctly fills in the blank. Be sure to time your selection when the arrow's touching a "?" block to keep your stamina up!

Make it through the chorus and you get to relax as the (possible) word salad you've created scrolls by for eternity :)

UPDATE 31/07/18 : An experimental edutainment version of this prototype is available here! --> This was developed in association with an EAL (English as an Additional Language) instructor as a possible teaching tool to assist in a baking program curriculum.


left mouse button >> click any clickable button

1, 2, 3, 4 >> Selection A, Selection B, Selection C, Selection D
z, x, c, v >> Selection A, Selection B, Selection C, Selection D

Info & Tips

Toggle the metronome on and off with a click.

Watch your stamina bar! If it hits zero, you're done.

Time your selections with the arrow and hit the '?' blocks to replenish stamina!


Game by Trevor McAleese of Gigatross Games and submitted to Xavier Ekkel's #MusicGameJam!

* transformable chorus text lovingly sampled from Iron Maiden's Die With Your Boots On (writer: Steve Harris), Powerslave (writer: Steve Harris), The Clairovyant (writer: Steve Harris) & Sea of Madness (writer: Adrian Smith) *

Install instructions

Unzip the ZIP, run the application! :)

Windows --> Head to chorus_data\chorus_template.ini for instructions
Mac --> Head to The Endless Chorus for instructions


The Endless Chorus v0.1 (Music Game Jam submission) 8 MB
The Endless Chorus v0.3 (Windows) 8 MB
The Endless Chorus v0.3 (Mac) 9 MB

Development log


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Maybe update the tutorial? I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing to play this.

Oh sure, there's certainly more explanation that deserves to go on the game page, but here's the personalized gist:
It's a rhythm-based music trivia game (in this gamejam-specific iteration featuring a whopping 1 Iron Maiden song's chorus) where you're trying to pick the correct words to fill in the blanks in the scrolling lyrics. You've also got a constantly depleting stamina meter that you need to keep replenished by timing your A-B-C-D selections with the arrow zipping across the screen so that those "?" blocks get hit by your click. Thanks for giving it a spin! :)

After seeing your tweet of the gameplay, I see what the issue was. The arrow and wave it rides on, don't render in chrome for me. So there is nothing for me to sync the ? block to.

Ah jeez, that's an unfortunate bug! Sorry about that but cheers for the heads up. I haven't been able to reproduce it in Chrome but there are definitely some quirks I've seen machine to machine with this web version that I'll be looking into. If you'd like to give this a proper try and have something running Windows, the downloadable EXE should perform much more sensibly :)