The Endless Chorus updated to v0.2, now w/ moddable choruses! :D

Alright, so a couple interesting new developments!

It's a super rough implementation, but the downloadable Windows build's content is now totally open to modding, plus it's now got 3 additional Iron Maiden choruses to play / guess through. Instructions for creating custom choruses are written into the comments at the top of "chorus_template.ini" in the new "chorus_data" folder, just open that up in notepad or your favourite text editor and everything's laid out. Also, please do edit the pre-existing chorus files if you'd like a starting point, just be sure to back up the originals if you'd like to be able to return to them later.

Also, in both the web version and the Windows download, there's now a "rules" page accessible from the title menu that, while pretty much a repeat of what's written on the game page, offers a quick explanation of mechanics & what to expect. Also, "hard" difficulty now has an added element of challenge in that each and every selection of A-B-C-D drains 1 stamina point so timing those selections carefully with the "?" blocks is now quite important!

Anyhow, while I'm honestly quite excited about this little project, this probably ought to be the end of fiddling until voting has wrapped up. Thanks to everyone who's given this experiment a spin and been so cool as to let me know what you thought of it, feedback of all stripes is valuable :)

Cheers to all the devs who've put their great ideas on interactive display in the Music Game Jam! :D

- Drixxel

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Sep 29, 2017

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