Welcome to the prototype Asteroid Mining Puzzle Thing (working title) !

Cast clusters of mining tools into the gravitational pull of haphazardly spinning asteroids. Mine through their colorful, frozen exteriors and collect the precious ore contained within, but be careful not to ruin the valuable lode with an ill-placed drill or bomb!


Keyboard > WASD / arrow keys to move & rotate the mining tool cluster -- F / spacebar for quick release

Touch / Mouse > mining tool cluster follows pointer -- tap / click to rotate the cluster -- tap / click / swipe the asteroid side of the red point-of-no-return borderline for quick release


Small Drill > deals 1 damage to any thawed asteroid chunk

Big Drill > deals 3 damage to any thawed asteroid chunk -- punches through weakened chunks

Small Bomb > triggers a cross-shaped explosion that thaws OR deals 1 damage to asteroid chunks -- all ore hit by the explosion is upgraded

Big Bomb > triggers a diamond-shaped explosion that thaws OR deals 1 damage to asteroid chunks -- all ore hit by the explosion is upgraded

Grabber > collects ore on contact -- scrapes the ice off frozen asteroid chunks


> Mine through asteroid chunks to expose precious ore
> Frozen chunks are invincible until thawed by an explosion or scraped with a Grabber

> Clear the current asteroid by removing all visible ore
> Ore is upgraded (+$$$) when hit with an explosion, but becomes burnt (-$) if pushed past GOLD grade

> Be on alert when this symbol appears, the asteroid is about to rotate (±90°)

> Ruin 4 ores with direct hits from non-Grabber mining tools and it's GAME OVER!

Development log


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this is really cool. seems pretty close to a pretty full game if there were some bigger goals to work towards

Awesome concept.  I got into it pretty quick.

Thanks a bunch for playing! Really glad you're digging the concept :)

It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but I managed to clear a level, and it was pretty fun!

Thanks for giving it a try, glad you had a bit of a good time! I'll be adding more explanatory stuff to this page shortly, kudos for figuring stuff out and completing a stage :)